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Let's explore Morocco together!

At Lankey, we equip students with the skills to use language as a pathway into a genuinely new culture. We believe that students learn best by first building a foundation through coursework and then by breaking out of the classroom and communicating with native speakers.

In Morocco, your students will be challenged to do exactly that. They will adapt to a new culture with its unique social norms and linguistic nuances. They will learn to embrace the Moroccan values of generosity and hospitality, to master the art of negotiation in the winding marketplaces, and to correctly pour traditional mint tea. Lankey will be there along the way, helping your students transform their culture shock into an opportunity for growth.

Our hope is that your students will return to your community with stories of an abroad experience off the beaten path and with a newfound appreciation for intercultural exchange and global education. Letting Lankey introduce your students to Morocco would not just be a great adventure; it would be a long-term investment in your greater school community.  

Why Lankey?

Lankey isn’t just like any other study abroad program. That’s because we strive to supplement intensive language study with meaningful cultural immersion, in a country where students will be pushed to adapt more than on an average trip to Europe.

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What is Lankey?

Lankey is an innovative exchange program that disrupts the traditional norms of studying abroad. Lankey invites high school and college students to immerse themselves in Moroccan society through intensive language study, cultural activities, and excursions throughout the capital and the surrounding cities. Every aspect of the Lankey program is planned by young Moroccans with a passion for authentic intercultural exchange and with local knowledge of all that Rabat has to offer.

What is Lankey's mission? 

By fostering transformative exchange programs with youth from around the world, Lankey hopes to build a global understanding through language education and cultural immersion. We believe in the potential of international education in crossing boundaries and expanding horizons, and we want your students to be a part of it.

What services does Lankey offer? 

Lankey understands that every school’s needs are different- we want to meet them all. As such, Lankey offers both short-term and partnership programs. Short-term programs invite students to attend Lankey independently for 3-8 weeks during the summer, spring, or winter. Partnership programs enable high schools and universities to send groups of students to Morocco for highly flexible and customizable sessions.

How will Lankey help my students?

Your students will have the life-changing opportunity to study French and/or Arabic at the Lankey center in Morocco- a country with a unique linguistic history. In addition to taking classes, your students will be challenged to practice their newfound language skills on a day-to-day basis as they become Rabat locals. Students will also have access to cultural activities like hammam visits, French and Arabic theatre productions, and camel rides, as well as trips to other cities such as Casablanca, Chefchaouen (the blue city), and Marrakech. 

Moreover, Lankey offers an internship placement program for students based on their majors so they may gain professional experience and further integrate into Moroccan society. Finally, Lankey will give students the chance to live with a host family, an invaluable experience for students to develop cultural sensitivity and language proficiency. Students can also live in downtown apartments if they choose; either way, we strive to offer affordable and accessible housing options, giving students the choice of an all-inclusive package that includes meals.

What are the partnership options with Lankey?

Lankey partners have the choice of arranging independent student group programs or faculty-led programs. Either way, Lankey works with both our partners and the Mohammed V University in Rabat to ensure that students have the opportunity to earn class credit while studying here in Morocco. Additionally, partners can choose to send students for a trimester, semester, J-term, or any other time period that works best for you.

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63 Ibn Sina Avenue, Apart. 2
Rabat, Morocco

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