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A Quick Look:

After your afternoon classes, you will have free time to kick back and explore Morocco. Lankey will organize various cultural activities around the city, including scavenger hunts, beach days, and sea cruises. Lankey students will also have the opportunity to visit the Moroccan Parliament, go to a traditional hammam, and meet with young Moroccans to practice the language. In addition to these daily activities, Lankey offers language immersion trips to French and Arabic theatre productions, the French Art Institute, and the Arabic History Museum. Every day will be different, and all weekends will be spent traveling to beautiful neighboring cities, such as Casablanca, El Jadida, and Marrakech.

The Perfect Finale to a Great Trip:

After weeks of hard work in your language classes, you will finish off your cultural immersion with one more adventure: a 4-day journey into the heart of the Atlas Mountains and the dunes of the Sahara Desert. You will spend a night in Marrakech before heading out to a tavern high up in the mountains. After hiking and swimming in the morning, you will head off to the Sahara for a day of camel-riding and sand-surfing! At night, you’ll sleep in comfortable tents under the clear night sky: a prime opportunity to gaze up at the stars and reflect on your time in Morocco.

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