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Lankey seeks to ensure a comfortable and enriching living experience for all students. While in Morocco, you will have a choice of two housing arrangements. Both forms of housing guarantee you a unique immersion experience in Morocco- it’s up to you!


with a Host Family

Living with a host family is a surefire way to feel like a real Moroccan local. You will wake up every morning to the smell of traditional Moroccan breakfast and converse in French or Arabic at the table. As host families speak little English, you will be challenged to develop strong language skills. 

Lankey will personally match you with a host family based on your needs and personal interests. Past participants have developed close bonds with their host families, staying in touch long after leaving Morocco. Each house will have Internet, a TV, a clean bathroom, laundry, and anything else you need for a comfortable stay. 

Stay in an Apartment in Downtown Rabat

If you prefer a more independent approach to the immersion experience, you may stay in a luxurious apartment in downtown Rabat. While staying with a host family entails a more structured schedule, this housing arrangement will allow you more freedom and time to explore the city on your own or with other students. Apartments will be equipped with the same amenities provided by host families: the Internet, a TV, clean bathrooms, and laundry. In addition, cleaning services will be provided twice a week. Moreover, if you stay in an apartment, you may choose to opt-out of Lankey meals for a reduced housing price.

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