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At Lankey, we understand that safety is a major concern for students looking to study abroad, as well as for their families back at home. This is why we have always taken great measures to ensure the safety and well-being of our participants. Even so, these measures are only precautionary; we have not had any serious problems before.

First, we run an orientation at the beginning of the program to provide students with tips and safety instructions. Second, we distribute international phones to all students and hire on-call representatives to answer questions 24/7. Third, if a student is ever sick or injured, a doctor is on call 24/7. Lankey ensures that the student has the best possible healthcare available. Fourth, we take good care in selecting our host families, all of whom are personal contacts and must be located in safe neighborhoods. Strangers cannot apply to become host families. Fifth, students are given strict instructions and a code of conduct by which to abide for their own well-being. For example, students must get permission from a supervisor to do anything outside of the program schedule.

As for Morocco in general, the political situation is stable. As one of the few Arab states that have not undergone a recent revolution, Morocco’s development towards a more democratic state has been a fluid and peaceful process. Furthermore, the Moroccan economy is heavily reliant on tourism. As such, the kingdom has gone to great lengths to ensure that tourists remain safe and welcomed. Moreover, strong trade associations and diplomatic relations with European countries, Japan, and the US have facilitated positive change and growth.

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