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Programs for Internationals Living in Morocco

Living in Morocco can be magical- from meandering through the markets in Marrakech to explore the Kasbah in Rabat to staring up at the Hassan II mosque in Casablanca. But that magic can quickly disappear when you find yourself unable to communicate with local Moroccans. That’s why Lankey doesn’t just offer classes to traditional students. Our goal is to immerse all non-Moroccans in the culture of our country through innovative and adaptable language study programs. 


Whether you're an exchange student seeking a more personalized study program, an expat eager to engage more deeply with Moroccan culture, or an embassy employee hopeful to break language barriers at work, Lankey will help you feel more in touch with your Moroccan community than ever before.

About us

Lankey specializes in French, Classical Arabic, and Darija instruction. For these languages, students choose between one-on-one or group classes. 


Looking to become even more multilingual? We're continuously expanding our offerings based on student interest. Depending on enrollment numbers, we also offer English, Italian, Spanish, and Swedish courses. Email us at to find out if your preferred language is available.


All of our instructors are fluent in the languages they teach. That's important to us because the cornerstone of each Lankey class is discussion and dialogue. We believe that encouraging students to speak from day one is the best and fastest way to get you to fluency. 



No matter which language you choose, you won't be stuck in an airless classroom. What sets Lankey apart from other foreign language programs is that our students explore the cities of Morocco while learning their languages. Your classes will often involve meeting with native speakers in coffee shops and restaurants off the beaten path. Our teachers will walk you through the sights of Marrakech, Rabat, or Casablanca, all while challenging you to develop language skills through real-life conversations and interactions

How Do I Start?

Whether you're simply curious enough to learn more, or you're persuaded enough to sign up today, we want you to email us at Our team will give you all the information you need to understand our class offerings and register you for courses whenever you're ready.

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